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Various Massages To Choose From

The word massage can bring a big smile of relief on many people's face. That is how helpful getting a massage can be. one can get a massage from time to time and relax both their body and mind. If you have ever experienced a massage, you are bound to remember how soothing and relaxing the entire process itself was and how calm you felt afterwards. This is the effect massage has on everyone. Which One Do You Choose There are different types of massages to choose from. if you are in a fix as to which one to choose, here are a few options explained to help you choose better:

Swedish Massage

One of the most famous massages around the world. This technique aims to relax the entire body using long strokes. The masseuse will use long gliding strokes all over the body, exerting enough pressure to help you relax. The muscles are rubbed and stroked in the direction of blood flow, thereby helping the blood flow better. When there is more blood flow, your muscles' toxin secretion is reduced and there is more oxygen circulation throughout. As a result of the pressure and the technique used, one feels more relaxed and less stressed. They are able to handle situations in a better fashion. The masseuse will also use circular motions and exert pressure with their palms and heel of the pals, at certain spots on your body. this will help remove the knots and relax the parts built up with tension. 45 minutes is the usual length of these massages and this can very well be a very relaxing experience.

Sports Massage

If you are an athlete or play some form of sport, you will be aware of the various joint aches and body pains that are a part of the sport, on a regular basis. These pains hinder your performance and sometimes, if left unattended, can cause injury too. A sports massage targets muscle tension specifically and aims to improve the body movements. The masseuse targets the joints and the muscle areas where nerves are connected. They are aware of the spots that aid flexibility, movement and even the areas to be targeted in case of an injury. They will work on specific areas based on your complaints and help relieve those pains. Such massages are known to reduce muscle soreness and improve movements. For regular sports persons, such massages are recommended once a week, to help them cope up with the physical demands of their body and to relax their minds.


This concept is based on the concept that all organs are connected to our feet and hence focuses on various nerve endings. Different levels of pressure are applied to nerve endings to stimulate and relieve pains. The feet are also stretched to improve movement and circulation. This massage helps in healthy functioning of the body and all the organs. Originated in Thailand, this massage has become famous world over. The massage mainly stretches the body and all its parts in to get the limbs and pther parts ot its original place and form. When you don't stretch well, your body posture changes, your back tends to hund and shoulders will round up.


This massage works with the energy of the body. people suffering from anxiety and mood disorders are advised to undergo this massage which helps in restoring the mental calm. This massage works with the nerve plexes and uses a set of holding positions.t hese positions correspond to the placement of the vital organs and this procedure helps in working on the deepest levels of the body. The end result is very relaxing and rejuvenating. It is performed for medical reasons too. People suffering from joint pains and even cancer are administered reiki massages to provide relief.

Heated Stone Massage

This technique as the name suggests, uses heated stones. The stones are placed strategically to aim at various nerve endings and muscles. As these smooth stones are moved over the body, the muscle tension is released, thus helping you relax.

This technique is also believed to align the energies of the body to aid better harmony for the individual.

You will feel tension and knots in various parts of your body. with a thai massage, your body will stretched in various angles, to its limit, thus leaving you stretched and very relaxed.